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I'm so excited to share the new website! I've been working on it for a few months now and I'm happy to say that from here on out, all blog posts, tips, stories, and videos will now be located on Wilde Child Travels!

Don't forget to check out my Youtube Channel (Wilde Child) to keep up with more fun and adventures - like my recent trip to England and Italy! Thanks so much for sharing this space with me, I hope to see you on the new website 💓

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New Videos on Youtube!

I haven't been writing too much, but I've still been active and sharing stories, interviews, and packing tips on my Youtube travel channel! To keep up with all of the new content I'm sharing, don't forget to subscribe to the channel, and to like, comment, and share the videos Here are the two most recent videos up!

Group Travel: Top 5 Tips

Welcome back to the blog and the Group Travel Series! My goal is to help make your group travel planning and execution a little easier. Feel free to start from the beginning with How To Start. Today, I've listed my top 5 tips to help make you and your friends enjoy your get away!

1. Don't Be Too Eager:

Itineraries for large groups always have the possibility to end up being stressful for all involved. First and foremost,  the top priorities are fun and enjoyment. When you overload your plans for the day, fun and enjoyment can be lost. Think about limiting one big outing/activity per day - such as The Vatican Museum or spelunking.

2.  Try the Democratic Option:

With a group of people, it's easiest to vote on what to see and do. A trip has a certain amount of days and it would be a shame to waste any of them! There's always a chance that everyone won't get to do what they want in a democratic setting. If this doesn't suit your group, and if you're all a litt…

Group Travel: How to Start!

Traveling with friends can be a blast. Sometimes, even before you book tickets/hotels,
it can also be a pain. The group has to get together, decide on location, dates,
duration of trip, where to stay,and more. I believe the more work you put into your
trip before travel, the more fun and relaxing the trip will be! Don't forget to check
out an earlier post onWhich Travel Size Fits You to help determine if group
travel is for you!
Currently I’m in the midst of planning a group trip with some friends overseas
- which adds a bit more difficulty to this group travel planning process.
They live in Europe and I’m in Ohio, so it's not like we can all sit down
over coffee to hammer out the details in one go. But, thanks to modern
technology there's group chat, video messages, and other ways to
overcome the time differences.
We know where we want to visit; Rome.

Now we come to figuring out how long each of us are able to travel. One person
may suggest 10 days, someone else may suggest 5. Th…

New Year, New Adventures!

Happy 2018!
(Japan - New Years 2017)
 It's already half way through the first month of the year and I'm already plotting my trips for 2018! Well, actually, I decided on the locations months ago! But the planning and saving starts now! 
(Australia 2017)
Last year trips were so much fun, but I'm always looking forward to the next plane ride or booking the next accommodation and exploring a new environment! Travel is truly addictive :) My 2017 adventures were either solo trips or I travel with one other friend. 2018 will be very different! I have two major trips and they are both group trips! I'll be going to Europe, which  will be a girls adventure, and Nicaragua, which will be AWESOME! I'm very excited about both travel opportunities and sharing it all on the blog and on the Youtube channel (Wilde Child Travel)! 
(Albq, NM 2017)
Make sure you subscribe to the Youtube Channel and follow the blog to come along on the next year of adventures! You can also come along with …

Sydney: Walking tour & Sweets!

I still have a few more goodies to share from my trip to Australia! Today I've posted a video to my Youtube Channel (Wilde Child) about my first day in Sydney! It's at the bottom of this post, so don't forget to check it out! Amie and I traveled back to Sydney after a few days at Port Stephens, which was a blast! Now it was time to explore a new city!

On my first full day in Sydney we had breakfast at Petal Met Sugar, which was a cafe and a florist shop. After eating we joined a free walking tour with the I'm Free Walking Tours! The walking tour is a tip based tour and our guide (Indigo) was a history student who really made the tour fun by mixing convict history with iconic tourist spots and the architectural history! She was really fun, energetic, and truly informative! You'd be lucky to get her on a tour!

After our tour we went to Glebe Market. There's a jewelry line that I follow on IG called Haus of Dizzy and, since I was in Sydney I wanted visit the stall…

Port Stephens: Marine Park & Lighthouse

November and December are always the worst blog months for me because I'm usually doing NANOWRIMO and there are lots of family birthdays and holiday events. And now I've started a second job! Although I'm not writing as much as I want, I do still have a backlog of videos! Don't forget that I do have a Youtube Channel (Click HERE), a home for all of my trip videos, as well as travel tips and conversations with some of my favorite travel buddies!  Here is the latest video I posted; more footage of my Australian adventure :) 
We spent our last day in Port Stephens and Nelson Bay buying postcard and wandering around the Marine Park working our way to the Lighthouse. It was a on-and-off-again cloudy and rainy day, but the views were still worth standing in the chilly air and a little rain.
At the top of the incline, where the lighthouse and lighthouse museum is, there's also a little darling cafe! It's called the Inner Light Tea Rooms. (I'm telling you, Australi…